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Hello World

How this site works

This site is built with Emacs, and uses Org-mode to manage and publish content.

It borrows from a variety of existing Emacs setups:

I also referred to both the Official Org manual, the Worg Org-mode HTML publishing tutorial, and just reading the Org-mode source code as sometimes documented functionality is a bit off or unclear (in particular various publishing options when exporting as HTML).

It is hosted by GitLab Pages, which conveniently generates the site on commit - but really any static file hosting would do.

What you'll find here

Everybody needs a web presence - this site is mine. Accordingly, it contains basic information about me, a way to contact me, and occasional posts such as this one with thoughts or updates on a variety of topics.

There is no particular theme or focus of content here, but it will lean towards technology and open source software. I use open source software both as a consumer and developer, and appreciate and participate in the ecosystem.

As such, what you won't find here is extremely frequent activity updates (i.e. social feed), marketing or brand posturing, or any tracking or hooks into or from the commercial web.

Why I made this site

I am not a complete ideologue - I too have bills to pay. Much of the modern web exists for good, or at least understandable, reasons. But I value the simplicity and signal of hypertext, and often enjoy simple but informative websites.

So, this site is my stab at making my own, and contributing to the loosely affiliated community that is the World Wide Web. Decentralization isn't simply a matter of protocols or infrastructure - it's a culture, a way of communicating and sharing.

If you are interested in other sites that embody a similar philosophy, you may want to check out the Tildeverse, Neocities, SDF, and strive to learn more about technology and be an empowered citizen of our digital world.